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“We’ve had 34 new clients and 90+ additional bookings for return clients or referrals. I can honestly say [if I did this myself] my results would be close to zero”
David C.
Myomasters Massage

Tired Of Your Marketing Campaigns Falling Flat?

If you’re like most massage therapists, you’ve probably tried everything under the sun to get a steady supply of high-quality new clients.

And of course, Paid Facebook ads.

Unfortunately, many massage therapist who try growing their practice with Facebook ads can never seem to make them work.

Either they’re:

But here’s the truth. Facebook ads work.

Facebook ads are just a tool for getting your services in front of people who might take you up on the offer. Like any tool, it depends on how you use it. You’d never say a hammer doesn’t work!

Unfortunately, due to the poor experiences of inexperienced therapists 2 big myths have begun to float around the massage industry…

MYTH #1: Facebook ads only "WORK" When You Use Steep Discounts & Deals

The Reality Is Quite The Opposite...

You shouldn’t have to compete in the race to the “bottom of the barrel” to get clients on your table. The trick to getting THE right clients in is putting the right message, in front of the right people. 

(Real client response to a campaign!)

MYTH #2: Facebook Ads Are Expensive

There’s the old saying “Buy It Nice, Or Buy It Twice”, and Facebook ads work in quite the same. In reality, Facebook ads are dynamically priced based on several factors.

The better you are at creating ads, the cheaper your ads will be. 

Usually, you only have 2 options for your Facebook Ads...

Option #1
Hire A Done-For-You Agency For $1k+

In Fact You CAN even hire us! But the truth is not everyone has thousands of dollars to commit each and every month to growing their practice. 

Option #2
Try To Do It ALL Yourself!
(And Hope For The Best)

The only problem, is that when things fail, you don’t know why it happened, or how to fix the problem.

But what if you could get all of the expertise of working with a massage-specific marketing agency, but for a fraction of the cost?

Spoiler Alert: Now You Can


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Get the EXACT Ready To Use Facebook Ad Templates Our Agency Uses To Get Results! Including:

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Hi There!
I'm Darryl "DJ" Turner...

I’ve been in the health, wellness, and bodywork industries for several years, figuring out what it takes to make people actually buy the services they need and deserve.

In reality, I’ve never been a massage therapist, but I’ve dedicated myself to learning the industry ins and outs.  Through my podcast, online events, and talking. to and working with solo therapists and practice owners alike, I noticed a gaping hole in the marketing of massage services.

As a transplant, I came from private practice medical & dental and realized I could apply the knowledge from working with high performing practices with the massage & body work industry.

After years of tinkering, testing, and tweaking, I’ve now built out my own agency that helps massage therapists grow their business, but more importantly consistently attract and book new clients with paid Facebook ads.

"I just want to give a shout out to "DJ". Over the past 4 decades in the bodywork business, I’ve hired a bunch of social media specialists and...none have had the depth of knowledge and implementation skills I’ve experienced with DJ."
Erik Dalton
Freedom From Pain Institute

This Isn't Marketing Theory. These Ads Work.

This 1 Ad Template Alone Has Already Generated Over 320+ New Client Appointments

(And Counting)

Unlike other agencies, we only focus on massage & bodywork services. We know the industry, and what it takes to get people to actually show up, strip down, and open their wallets.

Unlike coaches and course creators, my team & I get paid almost exclusively based on our ability to actually bring in clients. Feel good and “aha” moments just don’t cut it for us.

This isn’t something that’s happened by fluke just once.  We’ve been doing this for multiple years, in multiple practice types, and even multiple countries. We know this isn’t something one and done. 

Finally, this is the real deal. These are the exact ads my team uses each and every day to get our client's results - Pulled straight out of internal documents.

See what our agency clients have had to say for yourself…

“It’s gone really well. It’s helped fill in the gaps, and now I’m now booked out on the weekends at least 3 weeks in advance.”  – Joel S. | J. Scott’s Massage

We are absolutely crushing it. Every month since May has been our best month ever.We have more people coming in at regular price than ever before. – Michael O. | Massage Customs

““December was my best month ever. Word of Mouth Alone isn’t enough… This was definitely a good investment”  – Jamie D. LMT

We just started seeing the clients really just pouring in and then booking, and then rebooking, and they’re becoming regular clients.– Christa D. | Functional Bodywork Therapy 

Plus You'll Get Access To These Bonuses...

BONUS #1 - The Quick Start Guide ($47 Value)

Don’t Waste Any Time! Use this quick start guide to help you navigate Facebook and get your next campaign up as quickly as possible!

BONUS #2 - The Offer Pricing Masterclass ($97 Value)

There’s an art and science to pricing your offer the RIGHT way so that you can get propel to ACTUALLY respond, without resorting to “bottom of the barrel” discount offers. This masterclass covers how to do so, and reveals our best performing offers.

BONUS #3 - Hooks, Headlines, & Calls-To-Action PDF ($27 Value)

Get their attention and get people to BUY the services you know the need and deserve.  This PDF serves as a guide to swap out attention grabbing words that makes people act, whenever and wherever you need them.

A Quick Recap. Here's What You're Gonna Get...

Add Your Heading Text Here

Basically everything you need to tap into our collective experience and get started with your own successful Facebook ads campaign right away!

That's $671 Worth Of Business Growth Tools!

But You Can Grab It ALL Now For Only $97 $47!

Oh, and one last thing...

Our best performing ads are only available now for a limited time.

I’m only going to make these available until the timer runs out. Mainly for two reasons…

#1 – I want to reward the action takers. Quite frankly, the people willing to show up are the ones who deserve it most.

#2 –  I don’t want to saturate the market. I know how marketing works, and I’ve watched it time and time again. 

Something becomes massively popular (widely sold) and instead of standing out and being unique, it’s just another thing that blends into the background for people to ignore. 

To protect me, my clients, and the people who are willing to take the leap, I’m limiting the sale on the market. 

In fact, I don’t plan on releasing these to the public EVER again.

Sorry! This Offer Has Expired!

"If you're on the fence about hiring DJ to create money for you... JUST DO IT! Since November DJ has gotten me set up with an extra 5 or 6 appointments a week along with removing my cancelations!!!! EASILY making me about $1500 extra a month. am so grateful to be earning more income and look for a better office now. THANK YOU DJ!
Adam A.
Massage Therapist, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a massage therapist who is either responsible for attracting your own clients or attracting clients for your team this is for you.

We’ve used these exact ads in Spas, solo practices, multi-therapist practices, medical massage practices, sports-focused practices, pain relief focused, therapeutic focused practices, custom massage practices, and more!

These aren’t based on theory. This is the exact resource my team uses to start each and every Facebook campaign for our agency clients. (Stripped away of confidential client information, of course)

They’ve been tested time and time again across different cities, different practice styles, and even different countries! 

Once you purchase you get instant access to the templates, plus training on how to get started right away. If you’re ambitious there’s no reason why you can’t get your campaign launched within the same day! 

You’ll get 15+ ready-to-use templates for Facebook ads that you can implement right away. 

It’s the culmination of several years, and several thousands of dollars of testing to find out what actually works to attract massage clients on Facebook. 

A wise man once said, “The best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The next best time is now.” The same applies to you. If not now, then when? Imagine where you would be in a few months if you started today. You can do this!

Not only that, once this sale ends, these will be off the market for good! It’s a now or never decision.

No.  The purchaser is permitted to print ONE copy for his or her own use. Reproduction, copying, or any other form of use of the pieces contained within are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN without express written permission. If plagiarism is discovered, the offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

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